Haqiba is an Arabic word for 'bag'.

Download GNU Emacs custom configuration with codes snippets and extensions contributed by Emacs users around the world. An easy to use interface to select codes, extensions(packages) and Bundles. The generated file will be in a form of tarball with .emacs directory. Copy this directory to your home or custom path. Each code snippet, extension and Bundle has individual page with detail description and a screenshot. A Bundle has multiple extensions packed together. Many of the code snippets are copied from other sources.

Usage: Click on Generate Emacs config button above, select codes, package/extensions or bundles you want and download the tarball. Extract .emacs directory using

 tar -xvf emacs.d.tar
or a GUI tool and copy it to your home directory. Simple enough!

If you are new to GNU Emacs and don't know where to start, I suggest you please visit Emacs page and download/install latest version of GNU Emacs. Once GNU Emacs is installed return to this page and click the navigation bar where it says Emacs or above button.

Visit About page for more detail.

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